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Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

If you are in the market for an attractive and effective web site to suit your business or personal needs, let us help you. Our professional skills and knowledge can create a unique web site. We are skilled in design and marketing and will produce an individualized web site to fit your needs.

ComTechND does it right the first time!

Web Design Process top

Our talented developers offer state-of-the-art graphic and design that will distinguish your business from your competitors while keeping in mind the functional requirements necessary for an effective web presence.

During the production of your site, we will post it on our server with a discrete address, unknown to the rest of the world, so that you can view it online from your home or business. You can watch the development of your site as it progresses. Any changes can be done via telephone or E-mail. If you wish you can come to our office and work with us personally. ComTechND consultants are skilled professionals who will develop a web presence for your business that is attractive to your customers and visitors.

The first step in developing your website is to research the Internet to identify competitors offering comparable products or services. Before site development begins, you will receive our contractual agreement and cost estimate. While we wait for your materials, which could include artwork, text, brochures, etc., we will perform extensive keyword research to determine the most likely words or phrases used to find your business or services. We will also attempt to determine an effective strategy for top placement within the directories and search engines. We then begin the basic layout of the front page based upon our research and the information supplied by you.. When the front page or home page is approved and completed we then move swiftly into developing the rest of the site.

The final step in the development stage is a complete proofreading. You will need to double-check your site's contents and then give us a final approval so that we can start the search engine submissions. We will fine tune the entire site, ensuring all graphics are optimized, inserting the meta tags, running a hyperlink check, testing all scripts and forms and checking the site in all browsers and resolutions. Every effort is made by our team to ensure that your website is error-free. Once completed, we provide most site updates within 24 hours for our clients.

Our Web Design Packages & Pricing. top

We offer several packages to serve your needs. Our prices are based primarily upon page count and/or the size of your website and not upon an hourly rate. We choose not to charge at an hourly rate because it is difficult to estimate the final cost.

Website packages are available in varying sizes and prices, ranging from a small site consisting of 3-4 pages up to a 15-20 page site or more. Our smallest package starts at $350 and the price increases depending upon how many pages are added. Cost can also vary if you have e-commerce, Flash, order or contact forms, multimedia, various scripts or database development. Regardless of the size of the site, we will work within your budget!


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