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Senior Pictures


Senior pictures

Becoming a senior is a unique and exciting experience. Your senior
portraits celebrate one of the landmark moments of your life... graduation from high school.  This is the time to make the important decision concerning your senior portraits.

Today’s students demand that their portraits be uniquely theirs and that’s what ComTechND is all about. We specialize in outdoor portraits at the beach, garden or park that will express who you are and what makes you an individual. We tailor your pictures to your personality and to your props. You may bring "things" with you for your session. Examples might incluce pets, sports equipment, musical instruments, cars, bikes, stuffed animals or uniforms.


Choose one or several of our sessions!
All sessions will offer you a variety of expressions to show your personality. A variety of smiling and serious expressions make a great mix for your portraits.   A non-refundable sitting fee is due at time of booking.

Traditional Indoor Session - $125
The classic look, designed to stand the test of time. Simple, plain backgrounds in head and shoulders and waist up poses. A classic look, but updated look! This session is all done in one outfit. 15-30 image selections.

Creative Indoor Deluxe Sample
Creative Indoor Deluxe Session - $150

This session includes all the traditional poses above, plus! three quarter and full length poses using a variety of backgrounds and props. You’re photographed in a total of 3 outfits which can include a musical instrument, personal prop or sport pose. (Don’t forget your ball, helmet or poms!) You will have 20-40 image selections.

Outdoors - $125
Use the outdoors.  We can go to your favorite park, beach, backyard, or what ever you would like as long as it is outdoors. This session done in one outfit and is often added to one of our indoor sessions.  You will have 15-30 outdoor previews from which to select.
Add pet or car for no additional cost. (outdoor only)
(you MUST schedule this when you book your appointment, to allow extra time.)

Black & White - $125
These contemporary images allow you to have one outfit in the studio. We recommend darker, more casual, earthy clothing like jeans and sweatshirts or other solid colored clothing. Don’t worry about bringing a black and white outfit, because all colors will appear, black, white or a gray tone in between. The darker tones look best. The session will give you 15-30 selections.

Each photo will be marked with a Copyright symbol and photo number. You can use these numbers to order your pictures from. Sometimes it is easier to view a picture on CD than looking at a picture. You can view a larger version on the computer screen than you get in a printed form.

Senior Package Specials
Based on a single pose

Package 1

1 - 11x14 wall portrait
4 - 8x10's
6 - 5x7's
8 - 4x5's
48 - Wallets
Package 2

1 - 11x14 wall portrait
2 - 8x10's
6 - 5x7's
8 - 4x5's
32 - Wallets
Package 3

1 - 11x14 wall portrait
2 - 8x10's
4 - 5x7's
4 - 4x5's
32 - Wallets

Package 4

1 - 11x14 wall portrait
2 - 8x10's
4 - 5x7's
24 - Wallets

Package 5

2 - 8x10's
4 - 5x7's
24 - Wallets

Package 6

1 - 8x10
2 - 5x7's
16 - Wallets

When ordering:
Prices are based upon ordering from one pose.  If you choose to order from more than one pose, add $10.00 for each extra pose that you order from.  This is a one time setup charge.  (Wallets are ordered in sets of 8)

Ultimate Senior Package

1 - * Wall portrait
4 - 8x10's
6 - 5x7's
8 - 4x5's
96 - Wallets
8 opening display folio
Your name & year on all wallet prints
* With 11x14 Wall Portrait $315.00
* With 16x20 Wall Portrait $330.00

Ala-Cart Pricing
Add prints to any of the above packages.


Photo Announcements

Cards, Announcements, & Invitations

$30 Custom Fee may apply.
4x6 Cards
$1.50 each (1-25)
$1.25 each (26-50)
$1.00 each (50+)
5x7 Cards
$2.50 each (1-25)
$2.25 each (26-50)
$2.00 each (50+)

Senior Poster and/or Bookmark

Order one of our specially designed senior calague. These pictures are a set of 6 of your favorite pictures in one.

Senior with Flag Background
Senior with Black Background

Many other colors to choose from.

8" x 24" Foam backed poster
4" x 12" Poster
2" x 6" Laminated Bookmark

Senior Collage

Senior Collage
Create a special collage of your favorite pictures.

10 x 20
8 x 10
5 x 7


Tips for taking great Senior Portraits
Reasonable travel fees apply for locations beyond 30 miles from Williston, ND. 
Reprint prices include standard photo touch ups. 
Prices do not include sales tax or any shipping fees.
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